Powering the Clean Energy Revolution

Energy Capital Ventures is leading investments in the future of ESG innovation and digital transformation of natural gas.

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Natural gas is a critical energy source:


Americans rely on natural gas
(Source: American Gas Association)


US businesses rely on natural gas
(Source: American Gas Association)

NEWS: ECV leads the closing of Cemvita's Series A round.


of residential emissions can be reduced by adopting advanced gas technologies.
(Source: Congressional Research Service, 2021)

Natural gas innovation is critical for a carbon-neutral future.

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Strategic Limited Partners

We are backed by some of the largest, forward-thinking, and most critical players in the energy industry. We provide a platform for innovation to leverage the technology ecosystem through a customized engagement model tailored to their strategic priorities and the goals of the industry.

Our Partners

Together, we have over 30+ combined years of experience in venture capital, top decile performing investment track records,  70+ combined years of utility investment banking experience, and over $100 billion in advisory work.

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Our Advisors

Energy Capital Ventures is supported by a preeminent Board of Strategic advisors from a broad array of backgrounds.

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Our Strategy

Our purpose is to advance innovation to achieve carbon neutrality. We are champions for natural gas and a carbon neutral future that provides clean, safe, reliable, cost-effective energy for all communities.  This cause guides our investments.

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